Plastic Surgeries

We show below the full list of procedures, in the plastic and reconstructive surgery practice, of Dr. Yily De los Santos:


About plastic surgeries with Yily De los Santos


Have you set up you mind on the image or figure change you would like to have? Dr. Yily, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, will tell you in her practice, what can be achieved with her procedures. Each surgery is focused on correcting, lifting and rediscovering your imagen, so you can feel better in the inside and outside.

It’s usual that patients request us, to perform multiple procedures in one operation, for example: liposculpture, tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift. Even though, each plastic or reconstructive surgery, demads a preparation and medical evaluation of the patient, and it’s own healing process. You can in each procedure, the results, preparation, medical details and frequently asked question, related to the plastic surgery.

All procedures shown above, are performed by Dr. Yily De los Santos, at her medical practice in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The doctor had her academic degree of General Surgery on this country, and she specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, in Venezuela. She has the support of an experimented and professional staff, dedicated to the success of each procedure, and the health of all patients.

Plastic Surgery in Dominican Republic: Before and After pictures

*Results vary from patient to patient

Dr. Yily has the experience of hundreds of satisfied patients